Friday, October 24, 2014

world wide blog hop - feline style . . .

Leia here this morning.  Once again stepping up to fill a gap that *person* has left. Silly human. I'm still not sure what exactly to call her . . . some in my house say "Denise", some say, "Mom", and some say "Neesey".  Let's get some consistency, folks!
Anyway, that lady is busy playing around with a bunch of strangers (she calls them Mom and Dad -- these people are so confusing) who are staying in my house!  So not only do I get strangers, but I also get stuck with the blog.  That's okay.  
Y'all needed to know more about me, anyway.  So here it is, the Feline Fursion of the World Wide Blog Hop . . . many thanks to Squeaky, over at sarahdidit! for inviting me to participate.

1.  What are you working on?
I'd say making myself beautiful, but that takes no effort.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I am the queen of my household . . . I have others to do my work.  How they go about it is their business, as longs as it's completed to my satisfaction.

3.  Why do I create what I do?
Truthfully, I am, so I create.  I create trails of furbunnies under the couch.  
I create bite marks in the big great plants. 
I create chaos when I walk under peoples feets as they come down the big stairs. 
But I have to admit I particularly enjoy the screams of terror I create when I walk into a crowd of little people!

4.  How does my creative process work?
There's that silly word, "work" again.  SMH

Next week, take a visit over at Missy's Homemaking Adventures, and Muffin is going to take over the hop.

But before you go, rub my belly . . .
If you dare!

And check out the rest of the Feline Friday posts over at sarah did it!


Monday, October 20, 2014

one of these things . . .

Is definitely not like the other.  Usually, at this point in the year, my hanging basket of impatiens has run its course. But not so this year! It's still blooming and beautiful, so I didn't have the heart to replace it with mums. It's earned its spot this autumn!

Speaking of hanging . . . on the "design wall" this morning is a mini harvest flimsy!
Yay!  Next up is to back, quilt, and bind it.  I love the fabric I'm using for the backing -- I'm temped to make a simple something-- apron maybe?--with what I've got left of it.  It speaks "fall" to me!

I've also got my wooly pieces all cut and ready to go . . .
Haha!  You didn't think I'd give you more than that, did you?? Linking up to the design wall post at Patchwork Times!

Really, I don't know how much I'll really get done this week, because of the utmost importance is clearing up my space:
It gets bad fast.  My folks arrive in town on Thursday . . . and I'm making cream cheese mints for June's 2nd birthday party on Saturday, so something needs to be done! On top of that, I won 4 tickets to Lyon's Family Farms, another pumpkin patch place nearby.
I've never been to this one, but I plan to take Ellie tomorrow and June another day (perhaps next week). Sawyer got the sleepover in the tent - so don't think he's being left out.  It'll be a busy week!!

Go out there and make the most of Monday!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

going, going, went . . .

Our guild meeting this month was our bi-annual auction. Wow! There was so much fabric and quilt notions and beautifully made up baskets . . . 
Can you believe I didn't win a SINGLE thing??  Not for a lack of trying -- I placed bids on better than a dozen silent auction items . . . but didn't win a one. There were some magnificent live auction items, too, but they were a little too rich for my blood! It was a fun evening, regardless. And my library co-chair, Donna, felt so badly that I didn't win a single thing, that she gave me some purple out of one of her wins:  
Donna doesn't care to play with purple, but isn't this one fun??  I'm thinking I may find use for it before Halloween ... pair it with a little orange, don't you think??! So that's my stash report this week:
A half yard of purple in, a fat quarters worth of fabric out (fabric box and harvest mini).  Linking on up to the stash report at Patchwork Times.

Speaking of my harvest mini, here it is all cut out and ready to stitch up:
The embroidery panel will be about an 8" square.  I'm really digging my fabric choices!

I also cut out a pumpkin door hanger, for Kim.  I gave her the choice of the candy corn or the pumpkin -- she picked pumpkin!
So it's cut out (along with the backing) and ready to paint.

But today is Sunday, so it's not a painting day, it's a Slow Stitching day . . . and I've got some more wool to play with!
Here are my pieces, ready to cut and then stitch!  No peeks at the final ... this one's a gift!

Have a happy Sunday!


Friday, October 17, 2014

little things . . .

Yes, I know I haven't finished *all* the projects I had on my plate at the beginning of the week, but that doesn't stop me from plotting planning more!

The Patchwork of the Crosses block has been a very popular one across the blogasphere of late, and I've been watching how different folks put them together.  Gracious, but that is a stunning block! So it only goes to figure that eventually, I'd have to try at least one! (This is NOT my block--but one that definitely caught my eye and interest!)
It took some back and forth questioning with Teresa, over at A Quilt and a Prayer for me to be straight on what I needed. She's completed some simply breath-taking POTCs (like the one above), so she was a natural go-to gal for me!

So far, all I've got is a my overall shape . . . I'm trying to decide if I want to print it out on cardstock and make my templates.
Or if I want to just go ahead and order some.  I'm thinking I'll make one homemade template set, decide if I want to make more, and then if I do, go ahead and purchase them.  I will also then decide if I want to order one of these special little mirrors . . .
To make all my own gorgeous blocks! These are really nifty little things.  There's a tutorial for their use HERE. The next step is figuring out what fabrics I want to put to use for this. Fabric auditioning? Yes please! Linking up to HeLP for Hexi-aholics over at sarah did it!

Before I head out for the weekend (we have a HUGE Father-Son campout this week, so I'm headed out to a ladies' bonfire on the other side of town *grin*), I wanted to share our newest little friend with y'all!
Remember all those eggs that got laid and buried over the summer?  We saw our first hatchling!  Isn't it too cute?  Not much bigger than an acorn.  Those yams tower over him!  We saw about 15-20 eggs being laid ... no telling how many eensy-weensy turtles will see!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

progress . . .

Finished up the little box, first . . .
Put it to use last night as a candy dish, at the Sunday School table we manned at our MBA's annual meeting!

Finished up my little candle mat, next:
It's the perfect size for the Yankee candle I've been burning for autumn . . .
(Thank you, Cyn!!)

And I mapped out in EQ my plan for my embroidery:
I've been busy!  LOL! Linking up to Esther Aliu's WOW post!

Today I've got lunch, then a hospital visit, shopping for our Lunches of Love, then Todd and I are scheduled to make a ministry presentation this evening. Whew.

It's Wednesday, y'all -- happy "over-the-hump" day!


Monday, October 13, 2014

ufo on the wall . . .

I think I may have mentioned that I *finally* finished this crayon-tinted stitchery that I started nearly a year ago:
My intent was that I'd have in ready for my mini-quilt stand this November.  I guess that means I need to figure out a setting, right??
These are the fabrics I'm playing with for it.  I thought a simple border of small, scrappy squares, in the browns, tans and greens, backed by the cream print, and bound with the rust.  Any thoughts?

I'm also gonna play with the construction of a cute little fabric box, instructions for which can by found on Seaside Stitches.  It was a Fun Friday Tute project from my StitchMAP group . . .
These are the colors I'm playing with for the first one.  Recognize the fabric? Think birthday present! We get a bonus if we are able to incorporate a little hand stitchery! I thought a simple little white flower stitched on the green would tie into the flowers on the blue print.

Plus I hope to finish up my little ol' acorn candle mat this week. 
Storms are rolling into our area tonight, so having the hand work will make life cozy!

Linking up to Patchwork Times.  Happy Columbus Day Monday!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

breathing . . .

It’s autumn and the sumacs have rushed ahead, 
to change their dress to one of red.
The dogwoods from them, take their cue, 
and give their leaves a rosy hue.
A rather melancholy fellow, 
the ginkgo changes his leaves to yellow.
The oaks hold off for as long as they can,
but soon their leaves are burnt orange and tan.
The beeches prefer a little bling,
and soon their leaves will be silvery things.
A feast for the eyes are the colors of autumn, 
with a palette that ranges from golden to plum.
I love to take in her splendid beauty;
there’s nothing quite like autumn leaves on a tree. 

Denise Panter, 2014 :)

What a fun week!  We were going, going, going and I'm spent! LOL!  Friday was filled with all sorts of birthday fun including a little fabric play:
My baby sister knows me so well!! Did you notice the fun buttons?? I also finished up Dot for Everley . . .
Though I don't have a picture of the two of them together yet.  Soon, though!  I also was finally able to give my youngest nephew, Fowler, his cuddly Dr. Seuss minky quilt . . .
What do you think? I think he liked it!

I'd already counted the Seuss quilt and Dot fabrics out, so all I have to report this week is my birthday present . . .
A modest gain of 4.5 yards -- but so pretty! (You may or may not notice that my total this week is only up by 2.5 instead of 4.5 yards.  I miscalculated last week.) Well worth it! Linking up to the stash report post at Patchwork Times.

My Slow Sunday Stitching will be . . .
Yes.  It looks *exactly* the same as it did this time last week.  That's how much family fun we had last week!! I will look forward to some down time later this afternoon!

Happy Sunday!  :)